Kamusta! Hello! 

My name is Maria Corpuz and I am a Filipina American, queer creative from the Midwest. I live a multi-faceted life in my career and my community. Over the years, I have used my communications background for public speaking, social media managing, organizing folks in the community and for the production of many events. While I love selling folks products I love, I am a fan of building relationships with those I work with to ensure that their authentic story is in line with the work that we do together. 

My biggest passion is presenting - whether that is presenting work through modeling or acting in commercials or presenting new ideas or products to those in need of expanding their ways of thinking and improve their daily lives and interactions. In 2018, I founded a local, late-night show, Nite Caps, a quasi-townhall remix that provocatively engages my guests and audience to consider alternative perspectives on important issues in the Omaha community. 

To ensure presence throughout my daily life, I practice the art of writing poetry and capturing moments through film photography. My top strengths are input, ideation, winning others over, positivity, and includer. Let's chat if you'd like to work together! 




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  Ryan Tang
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Vinicius Amnx Amano
Wes Hicks  

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